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Trisorbagen boasts a 3-Way Bio-absorption Agent & Anabolic Amplifier

Get the most out of your pro-hormones, by increasing your body's effectiveness of absorbing them in the first place. Trisorbagen does just that. Instead of taking bigger doses of your supplements, Trisorbagen helps you get the most out of what you are are already taking. Trisorbagen not only helps your body absorb more but helps make the pro-hormone last longer as well giving you better results overall. Specifically, Trisorbagen was created to increase the absorption, potency, and duration (half-life) of any oral supplement, including pro-hormones, pro-anabolics, natural anabolics, and virtually any other ingredient on the market. In order for any oral supplement to be effective, it must get into the bloodstream and then remain there to do its work. That has been the challenge until Trisorbagen. Creaters at Anabolic Xtreme have come up with a formula that meets the needs of the body builder. Exponentially increasing the absorption and duration of pro-hormones, allowing the body builder to take lower dosages of his oral supplement, maximizing its effectiveness, and saving him money. Trisorbagen is a unique combination of three powerful ingredients, mixed in a precise blend that allows them to maximize the absorption into and duration of the oral supplement within the bloodstream.

The three main ingredients in Trisorbagen are Bioperine, Emblica Officinalis, and Dyhydroxybergamottin. These three ingredients are combined in large amounts and specific ratios to maximize the power of any oral hormonal supplement. Results begin immediately after first use. Trisorbagen Facts>

Trisorbagen was invented to maximize the absorption, potency, and duration of any product. There are 3 key components that make Trisorbagen work so well:

Bioperine is a powerful supplement that plays a critical role in the absorption within the digestive system and increases it's active nutrient transportation in the bloodstream. We use the most active extract available for maximum effectiveness. It has been shown in several clinical studies that Bioperine increases absorption of minerals, fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins.

Emblica Officinalis is the second active ingredient that helps increase absorption within the digestive system. Ancient East Indian Medicine has used Emblica Officinalis for centuries as an effective digestion, absorption and assimilation enhancer of food and nutrients and for its overall positive influence on physiology. In addition, Emblica Officinalis will help strengthen the liver and rid the body of toxins while on any hormonal cycle.

Dyhydroxybergamottin (DHB) will optime the absorption of your supplement into the bloodstream. Then DHB will help to prolong the activity by extending the half-life and duration within the bloodstream. Many studies on this natural extract show large increases in active concentrations within the blood when ingested with or around the same time frame as the target compound. Larger blood concentrations means better results! How Trisorbagen Works>

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Now You Can Maximize Your Prohormone Absorption with Trisorbagen by Anobolic Xtreme